Nowadays, there are many affordable ways and methods available to achieve whiter teeth. With people getting more and more conscious about their overall health, the focus has also shifted towards the Oral health. White and clean teeth indicate good personal hygiene, give a boost to your personality and impart confidence to smile confidently in front of others. A vibrant and charming smile makes you look youthful. Also, a clean set of Whiter teeth maintains your oral health, which prevents you from getting many infections. According to a study, majority of the stomach infections happen due to unclean teeth and poor oral hygiene, as harmful bacteria reaches our stomach through our mouth! On the other hand, yellow and stained teeth can become a cause of embarrassment for you, which can lower your confidence level. Also, an unclean set of teeth can result in poor oral health. However, now Zoom teeth whitening system has made it possible for everyone to get pearly white and clean teeth. With time, the process of whitening teeth has become affordable, less time consuming and painless!

About Zoom Teeth Whitening:

Till few years back, the teeth whitening treatments were a very costly affair and a painful one too. However, with advent of advanced and newer methods, the process has become quicker and cheaper. Zoom Teeth Whitening, also called as ‘in-office whitening treatment’, is the most effective teeth whitening treatment. In this treatment, the dentist or a specialist cosmetic dentist uses bleaching products, containing an active agent called ‘Hydrogen Peroxide’. A 15% to 35% hydrogen peroxide based gels are used. The first step is to separate and shield your gums and lips by applying a protective gel or a special sheet. Next the dentist applies a thick layer of peroxide gel on your teeth. After this, the dentists then use a special laser light that gives out Ultra violet beam. This beam penetrates the dentin, the second layer of the teeth below the Enamel, and breaks down the stain and yellow plaque layer. After sometime, the gel is removed and your mouth is rinsed properly. You can see a significant change in the colour of your teeth; however, a prominent result is only achieved after few regular sittings with the dentist.

Apart from this treatment, you also need to take care of your teeth, to maintain their whiteness. Your teeth can get damaged, plaque covered and stained due to the following:

  • Large consumption of caffeine rich beverages, like coffee, cold drinks, tea, etc can have a ruining effect on your teeth.
  • Frequent consumption of pigmented food.
  • Long use of medicines, like anti-biotic.
  • Frequent and large consumption of alcohol.
  • Chain smoking for a long period can damage your teeth and make them look ugly.
  • The natural process of ageing too can make your frail, discoloured and stained.

Avoid the consumption of the above mentioned items and regularly use teeth whitening toothpaste and mouth wash for better results.