Labiaplasty can be a life-altering procedure that allows women to feel more confident with their appearance. Similar to other cosmetic procedures, its goal is to improve the aesthetics in a safe manner. It is a procedure to alter the look of the labia minora as well as the labia majora.

While some view Labiaplasty in Miami as a purely cosmetic procedure Many women are seeking it out for comfort, too. Excess tissue may cause discomfort during sexual interactions or discomfort while wearing tight-fitting clothing. This is why some women decide to mix labiaplasty and the reduction of the clitoral hood to complete a vaginal transformation.

In spite of all the advantages, this procedure can bring, however, there is a common problem among women considering this procedure. Will labiaplasty alter the sensation of women?

Sensory issues are actual issues. The clitoris’s top alone contains more than 8000 nerves! The labia isn’t even including nerve receptors and nerve endings.

Does the procedure of labiaplasty impact the feeling after healing? Fortunately, it doesn’t. In this surgical procedure, surgeons cut only the tissue. The tissue isn’t equipped with nerve endings. Although the risks are there with sexual dysfunction, a decline in sensation isn’t one of them if you have an experienced surgeon. You could actually feel more sexually numb if you combine labiaplasty with clitoral reduction.

This method reduces its size hood around the clitoral by eliminating excess tissue. It also exposes the clitoris for a greater feeling.

The Labiaplasty Procedure

The process begins by having a consult. Each woman’s needs are unique. The surgeons will take the time to talk about your expectations in full specific detail. They are able to determine the degree of correction needed and the types of surgical procedures that are most suitable to the task.

There are several kinds of labiaplasty procedures that are offered. One of them is known as”Trim” or “Trim” also known as an “Edge” labiaplasty. By using this method, surgeons create a vertical incision using either a scalpel or a laser. The cut is made along the free side of the labia minora in order to eliminate excess tissue. It is particularly useful to get rid of areas of discoloration as well as excess tissue.

Another alternative can be the “Wedge” method. Ideal for women who are concerned about visible marks. This method involves removing tissues from the thickest part of the inside labia. Surgery surgeons cut a wedge-shaped piece and then stitch the edges of the cut. This procedure instantly decreases the length and also alters how the labia appear.

Finally, there’s the “De-Epithelialization” technique. It’s identical to that of the “Edge”. The difference lies in the way that the doctor cuts off an oval-shaped portion of epithelium tissue that lines the inside of the labia. The procedure prevents labia nerve endings and relieves anxiety about sensory issues.

Despite the major changes they bring about, labiaplasty or a reduction in the clitoral hood are fairly simple. Both procedures are done in an outpatient clinic and can take about two hours, dependent on the level of correction needed. After two and a half or more days the majority of women are able to return to their regular routine. Some physical limitations in the form of exercise and sexual activity at first. But, full recovery can take 4 to 6 weeks.

Labiaplasty is located in Miami

Labiaplasty in Miami can be a transformative procedure that improves appearance, comfort, and sexual confidence.

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