Ever heard of over the counter teeth whitening? Neither had I, until about a few months back when I needed to boost my teeth in line with pending nuptials for a close family member!

Here’s what they don’t tell you about a fairy tale ending, your smile, or lack thereof, can make or break your fantasies regarding your dream wedding.

You see, just as in a Michael Angelo painting, the radiance of a smile can make or break a relationship – honestly!

Your smile either lights up the whole room and people gravitate towards you because of your beautiful bright teeth, or the opposite.

It’s as simple as that!

Ever heard of people fall in love because of someone’s smile, or how white their teeth were etc? Stories such as these fill up a lot of romantic novels and movies!

With that being said, how does one go about maintaining perfectly white teeth, when the economy and everything else but the kitchen sink is being flushed down the proverbial economic drain?

Though, at first thought it may seem hard to indulge oneself in an activity of keeping their teeth as white as possible in these recessionary times, those who’ve done their homework, have discovered that you truly can brighten your smile, and everything else in between, without blowing their budget.

Call it a free market forces or otherwise but, this economical condition is causing many a business, including salons and spas, to offer customer loyalty bonuses and rebates, which have translated into crazy incentives for people to try different company products at little to no cost.

When a company offers a huge discount on a product they would not have made much money out of in the first place, both parties win! The company gets a loyal customer, the potential of word of mouth, plus a cash injection into the business.

The customer leaves satisfied and impressed with their newly found bargaining abilities, with the added desire to come back and bargain for more products!

To put all this into perspective, you can get yourself risk free trials of over the counter teeth whitening solutions, at pennies to the dollar.

What a risk free trial offer does, is give you the answers you want, before you make a commitment to follow the program further!

True market forces indeed!

Honestly, when people you smile at start talking behind your back, chances are it’s time to pick yourself one of these teeth whitening gels and strip away shades of neglect from your teeth, to reveal the color and texture mother nature intended your teeth to be.

What I personally like about these over the counter teeth whitening products, is that they’re made right here in the US, so no chance of tasting lead products from the far east!

On top of that, some teeth whitening products come highly recommended by celebrities! As if you didn’t know, we live in such a litigious society it would be inconceivable for a celebrity to endorse a product they themselves don’t use exclusively, or one whose results are questionable!

No wonder a lot of dentists seem dull these days!

Unless you have dental insurance with a medical savings account associated with it, we all know that a dental procedure, for just one tooth, can set you back significantly!

Whilst I have no qualms with using the services of a dentist, I just feel my hard-earned money is better served elsewhere, whilst I can get myself an in-home teeth whitening solution that will produce the same results as cosmetic dentistry, whilst at a giveaway price.

Now, that’s a promise I’m willing to take with to the piggy bank!