Dental insurance is necessary for people who have to find a dentist every few months or so to fix their dental problems. Dental insurance comes very handy in case of emergencies and for those who know that they will need to make frequent visits to the dentist every year.

Dental insurance can be beneficial for people who need advanced treatment rather than regular checkups. This is because most dental insurance involves the payment of heavy premiums every month and is not worthwhile if the patient only visits a dentist a couple of times a year.

Individuals find a dentist to treat various problems. The dental health of individuals living in North America is not very good, and conditions like hygiene, stress, eating habits and nutrition affects their dental health. Techniques like root canal can be very expensive, and having a dental insurance plan can save these individuals a considerable amount of money.

There are several plans that can offer these individuals the care they need for their teeth. This includes Preferred Provider Plans, Indemnity Plans, HMO Plans, as well as Discount Plans. The details of these plans are as follows:

Dental Preferred Provider Plans

These plans are under the State Insurance Department under which the patients are entitled to a discounted rate of dental procedures. Patients can avail insurance both inside and outside the specified network and have to pay $40 as premium every month.

Dental Indemnity Insurance Plans

This plan entails certain charges each month and provides the patient contain privileges like covering a percentage of their bills depending on the type of treatment given. The patients have to find a dentist or choose one from a list provided and get the treatment done. Some treatments such as preventive services are covered for the whole amount, and others like orthodontics or indemnity plans are partly covered (50% and 80%, respectively).

HMO Dental Insurance

Health Maintenance Organizations (HMO) Dental Insurance is also known as a capitation and is regulated by the State insurance Department. The patients are required to pay $20 to $40 per month under this plan.

Dental Discount Plans

Under this plan, the patients are given membership or discount cards with the help of which patients can avail discounts on the prescriptions and the procedures they go through at the dentist’s office. This plan is different from the insurance plan in that it offers the patients a fair discount on the dental services but does not offer any insurance, and patients are free to find a dentist of their choice.