Since the 1940s, surgical uniforms were essential in operating rooms across the country. As doctors became aware of the importance of wound infection, they realized cleanliness in surgical situations was essentials. Wearing special garb ensured the surgeon was not wearing street clothes to perform surgery as they did in centuries gone by.

Nurses, surgeons and operating room personnel wear scrubs when they start scrubbing their hands for surgery. Just like the television show Scrubs, most hospital workers wear scrubs ranging from doctors to custodial staff. All hospital personnel working in a clean environment typically must wear scrubs. With the increased spread of MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) the use of scrubs is almost universal throughout American hospitals. Surgical scrubs are worn specifically in a medical environment. Non-surgical scrubs can be worn anywhere for any reason.

While scrubs were originally designed for surgeons, the popularity quickly spread to other medical professionals. Staff working at private medical offices, clinics, veterinary hospitals and dental offices also wear scrubs because they are convenient, clean and comfortable. In a hospital environment, scrub jackets are typically embroidered with the medical facility’s name. Usually hospital scrubs are issued in the standard green and bluish green colors. In other medical facilities, often personnel can choose their own scrubs. You may see a nurse in a pediatrician’s office wearing whimsical scrubs with cartoon characters. In the spring, your dentist’s assistant may don a floral scrub top.

Because of their uniformity and practicality, scrubs are sometimes worn by prison staff. Carefree scrub pants and tops are easy to move around in and simple to maintain, making them the perfect uniform for prison employees. But scrubs have gone way beyond the surgical room, medical offices and prisons. For years, medical professionals wore their scrub jackets and pants home because they were so comfortable. Soon everyone wanted scrubs of their own. Pants with elastic or drawstring waists are comfortable as lounge wear, street wear and pajamas. The right scrub top in different designs expresses your favorite sports team, college or pattern. Everyday people wear scrubs everywhere. Just wash and dry scrubs and you are ready to go. Scrubs have even become a fashion statement among college students across the nation. From business people to grandparents, scrubs are a favorite with everyone. In sizes ranging from petite to plus, scrubs fit people of all shapes and sizes.