For years Mark has had bad teeth, and for years he had been thinking about how he might look with new teeth. They were progressively getting worse and worse each year.  They we full of cavities that had been filled with those ugly silver fillings.  They were also ground down through the years, and were not much more than stubs. All were stained yellow and some were badly misshapen.  Mark  had the teeth of a homeless person.   

Mark finally grew tired of what he saw in the mirror each morning, and so he decided that he was going to take action and do something about it. He asked around and got some referrals to a reputable dentist there in his home town South of Oklahoma City.  However, his dream of getting a new smile seemed out of reach when the local dentist told him what it would cost.  To have all of  the mercury/silver fillings taken out, 3 root canals, 4 wisdom teeth extractions, 22 standard porcelain crowns, and six all porcelain crowns for the front teeth, the total dental bill was going to run nearly $40,000.   

Mark couldn’t afford to spend that kind of money, but he was not deterred. He had heard that dental work was relatively inexpensive in foreign countries, and so he got on the internet and began to do research. He found that the most common destination for Americans, who go abroad for dental work, is in Tijuana, Mexico. The reason for this is because the dental charges are just a fraction of what they are in the US. Mark got a price to do the same work he wanted done for under $7,000. That was a big difference.  Also, he found that Tijuana is easily accessible from the US. One can fly into San Diego, CA rather inexpensively, and transportation to the border is easy. One can either take the Metro system and ride the trolley to the border, or have some one from the dental clinic pick them up. Also, hotels and restaurants in Tijuana abound, and at very reasonable rates. 

So Mark decided to step out and do it. Everything went smooth. He spent hours in the dental chair, and got everything done in 8 days. He found that Tijuana was a nice place, and he felt very safe and secure. Finally the day came when his mouth was put back together and he could smile once again. The results speak for themselves. Malcolm looks fantastic and his wife now parades him around as her “movie star” husband. The costs of flying to Mexico were insignificant compared to the savings, and to fix up his smile, it was all money well spent.    

Many thousands of people each year seek medical and dental care abroad. They are motivated by the tremendous savings available on high quality treatment.  They are tired of paying out their hard earned money, or going in debt so that some Dr. or dentist can live in a big house and drive a fancy car.  Mark found that getting dental care outside the US was certainly the answer for his needs, and he tells everyone he meets that they can reap the same benefit.