Celebrities are everywhere we look, in films, TV, Magazines and in advertisements: One thing they all have in common is great white teeth which dazzle and are near perfect. We would all love to emulate their fantastic smiles. However, some of the teeth whitening methods over used by celebrities should not be emulated. Repeated teeth whitening can cause some serious health problems if over used as well as looking extremely artificial.

You should also bear in mind that many images you see these days have been Photoshopped to a high level. Almost every image these days has had an army of editors and photo touch up specialists working on it. If you are anything like 99.99% Of us, it is very unlikely that you have your own publicist to make sure you look great in every image and situation. The fake white teeth look you often see in images and adverts would look slightly ridiculous in a normal day to day setting. What we are after is a great set of white teeth with a natural look.

Teeth Whitening can now be carried out at home in a very simple and safe way, without any major health risks. A great smile is important but unless you are in the public eye, it is more essential that you concentrate on having good general dental hygiene. If you are looking to get rid of your stained teeth by a set of treatments, be sure to take the time and research your chosen procedure.

Before proceeding with a teeth whitening product you should consider changing something as simple as your toothpaste.}{A quick look around your local chemist or supermarket will show you the many different brands of tooth paste promising teeth whitening results. Have a look on the web for reviews to see whats working for people. Yes you will be able to find reviews for tooth paste, believe it or not.

If you find that your teeth are to stained and the tooth pastes don’t work and produce results that you would like, then I would recommend trying an at home whitening kit. Again, make sure you research the subject thoroughly as there are many different options, from gels, strips, pens and trays. They all require some effort and time to work. There may even be a period of time where you are unable to eat or drink, so make sure you read any instruction properly.

If these kits do not work for you, you may wish to seek advice from your dentist regarding teeth whitening procedures. Be warned though as these can be expensive and unless you keep up your dental hygiene, you may have to have repeat the process after a period of time. The dental procedure usually consist of gel being put on the teeth and then a strong light is applied. This has the effect of leaving your teeth a glowing white.

You should be aware that overusing the above procedure can lead to serious health problems and cause lasting damage to your teeth’s enamel and gums. Women who are pregnant and people with existing gum disease should avoid teeth whitening. If unsure,always take advice from a dentist.

On the whole teeth whitening is perfectly safe if done correctly and is not over used. You don’t want to end up with a fake look, so make sure you follow any instructions if you choose a home tooth whitening kit.

Thankfully there are now plenty of great affordable products available that will have you smiling like a celebrity in as little as two weeks. If you are serious about getting a great smile then a Home Teeth Whitening kit may be what you are after.