Cosmetic dentistry is really at the forefront of technology when it comes to fixing teeth that were once considered too far gone to be saved. Indeed, these days’ people keep their natural teeth well into old age which is quite a change from the days when our parents were alive. Invisalign is a brace system that can be worn only when the patient wants to wear it and allows them to hide the fact that they use this to straighten out their teeth in private.

Indeed, the invention of this see-through addition to braces has really heralded a huge step forward for those who shied away from having wires and cement attached to their teeth. Although it is usual to see kids with this contraption in the mouth, adults who have to go to work were really not comfortable showing the world that they had some defects that they wanted to correct.

With the push in and pull out method that this new brace has, people can wear it just when they want so if there is an important meeting to go to, out it comes! When they are playing sports or if they are just relaxing at home, they can wear it at will and it does the job that the older and more conventional set up would do but without being a permanent fixture.

Of course, there are many other methods available to make sure that the teeth are kept healthy and beautiful and we have much more choice than our parents had for sure. In those days, these specialists were paid by how many teeth were pulled out. Of course, this meant that even those teeth that were borderline bad were whipped out without a second thought. These days though, and may we all be grateful, the profession has gone rather further with their quest to keep our teeth looking good.

Nervous patients have a hard time of it when it comes to going to get their teeth done. The sight of a needle or the sound of a drill is enough to get them all in a sweat. But these doctors have taken it upon themselves to learn new techniques to allow those with bad teeth to get them sorted out. Relaxation techniques, hypnotherapy or other methods are used to ensure that the nervous patient is made calm enough to get their painful and often unsightly teeth fixed once and for all.

Once in the chair, and relaxed enough to consent to the work being done, there are many treatments that can be done to ensure that they keep their teeth looking food for as long as possible.

This can include veneers, where slivers of porcelain are attached to the front of the teeth to give a uniform look, crowns and caps, which have fittings put over teeth that have been worn down or filled or titanium plates fitted into the jaw bone itself where the original tooth has to come out. Any of these methods will ensure that the patient will be able to smile confidently after treatment.