An Invisalign dentist is an orthodontist that uses the Invisalign retainers to help correct the conditions in their patient’s mouths. These conditions include mildly crooked teeth, teeth with gaps between them that are larger than desired, and teeth that do not properly come together when the person bites down.

Not all orthodontists are an Invisalign dentist, and not all patients are good candidates for these retainers. Many people think that you simply tell the Invisalign dentist that you want the almost invisible retainers instead of the traditional type of braces, and you get them.

In order for an Invisalign dentist to place this retainer in the mouth of a patient, instead of the traditional form of braces, the problem in their mouth must be one that the retainer is going to be able to correct.

These retainers are preferable by adult patients that are getting their teeth straightened. When an adult has these retainers in place most people do not realize they have braces on at all. If the adult needs to remove the device while they are in a meeting with a client they can without doing any damage to their progress. This allows people to keep their private lives a little more private. You have to admit that when a person has traditional braces in their mouth you see them immediately when they speak, or smile.

The Invisalign retainers are often called braces, but they are not like traditional braces at all. These retainers are much easier to clean because the patient can remove them from their mouth and make sure all of the surfaces are properly cleaned. With traditional braces you have to brush them carefully to remove food particles that become lodged between the wires.

With Invisalign retainers the dentist cannot tell what you have been eating. You soak away all evidence of food parties when you clean them. With traditional braces you will be told that there are some foods you are supposed to abstain from. The dentist will know if you have been sneaking foods from this list, because the food particles lodge in the brackets, and some foods that are really hard can break the brackets.

When two people wearing traditional braces with brackets and wires kiss their dental devices can become hung up. When this happens it usually takes a third party to cut one of the wires and free the two people from the embrace. This can be very embarrassing, especially if you are an adult. When two people wearing the retainers kiss they do not stand any chance of their devices becoming hung together.

Traditional braces may be less expensive than the retainers are. More teenagers, and young people have traditional appliances used in their mouth, while more adults get the almost invisible retainers.

These retainers must be properly cleaned or they will become scratched. After they are scratched they are not as invisible as they were before.