When people get old, their teeth are broken. There are three habits that can be improved, and the teeth are good and healthy.

Generally speaking, our teeth become more fragile as we age. This is the same reason why certain parts wear out, fall off, rust and fail after a machine has been used for a long time. Teeth are tools for chewing food, they are used for a lifetime and become fragile.

Carefully observe the surrounding elderly, the teeth are still intact and strong, so why is there such a different phenomenon? If you don’t want to lose your teeth when you are old, you can only wear dentures, or it is inconvenient to eat, you can have a good tooth through the following three habits.

When people get old, their teeth are broken. There are three habits that can be improved, and the teeth are good and healthy.

  • Stick to milk

For the elderly, the loss of calcium from the body is relatively fast. If you are not careful, osteoporosis and loose teeth are likely to occur. Therefore, if you want to make your teeth stronger, you need to drink milk, because milk is rich in protein and calcium, which can supplement the nutrients needed by the human body and ensure the health of teeth.

For us now, if you don’t want to regret in old age, you should have a vision, and now pay attention to calcium supplementation and drink more milk. That way, you don’t have to worry about brittle teeth as you get older, but you can have strong, healthy teeth.

  • Proper sun exposure

Many elderly people feel that they are too old to walk, they are tired and don’t like to wander, and they often stay at home. In fact, those old people who often run outside, like to bask in the sun and exercise, tend to have better teeth.

This is because the main component of our teeth is calcium, and although we usually drink more milk, the calcium in milk can be completely absorbed by the body, which can be a waste. Usually, more sunlight can promote the absorption of calcium in the body, make calcium supplementation more meaningful, make teeth stronger and healthier, and complete the mission. At the same time, getting more sun exposure and sanitizing is also good for your health.

  • Comprehensive and balanced nutrition

Many middle-aged and elderly people in our country usually pay little attention to nutritional balance in their diet, and they have continued the eating habits left by their predecessors. In the morning, many people eat fried dough sticks and drink soy milk, and at noon, many people eat pickles with rice, but this eating habit can easily make a healthy body worse. If we don’t pay attention to the balance of nutrition for a long time, it will lead to malnutrition and threaten our health.

Especially in the elderly, the lack of nutrients in the body will affect the health of the teeth and are easy to fall out. At the same time, when choosing food, we can’t be “lazy” and only eat those foods that are easy to chew and effortless, which will make our teeth lack movement, lead to functional degradation and become fragile.

Don’t want to get old, bad mouth, don’t take these mistakes seriously

Myth 1: It is useless to prevent teeth from falling out when you are old

People who have this kind of thinking do not understand the characteristics of teeth first. Teeth are one of the hardest organs in our body. When people get old, their teeth will not grow old. As long as you take care of your teeth the right way, your teeth in your 70s and 80s may be better than many younger ones.

Myth 2: Teeth need to be exercised to become stronger and stronger

Although we usually pay attention to the movement of our teeth, not just eating soft and rotten food, excessive exercise is not appropriate. Because of age, teeth are also prone to loosening. Often eating too hard food may lead to broken teeth, loose teeth, excessive wear, and weak chewing.

Avoid the above two mistakes, pay more attention to the care of your teeth, go to the dentist on time, brush your teeth carefully, I believe everyone can have a good tooth!

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